Lichen nitidus
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lichen nitidus
What is lichen nitidus?
Lichen nitidus is a rare skin disease and is mainly seen in children and young adults. It is characterized by small papules, ranging in size from pin-point to pin-head-sized. Lichen nitidus is mostly asymptomatic or may be somewhat itchy. The disease is benign and self-limiting.

Symptoms of lichen nitidus

Lichen nitidus papules are very small and have a flat or somewhat dome-shaped surface. Although they may be closely grouped the papules usually remain discrete. They are mostly found on the arms, the abdomen, chest, buttocks and penis but they may arise in any part of the skin. The colour may range from whitish to pink or flesh-coloured. Also nail changes (pitting of the nail plate) may occur.

What is the cause?

The cause of lichen nitidus is unknown.


As the disease is self-limiting and often asymptomatic, treatment is not often required. Mild topical steroid creams can be of help in case of itching. PUVA treatment has been described to be efficacious in generalized forms of lichen nitidus.
lichen nitidus

lichen nitidus

lichen nitidus
lichen nitidus

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